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About NW Puppy & Handler

The Northwest Puppy & Handler Contest seeks to identify Alpha leadership and those passionate about human pups, puppy play, and the dynamic relationships between human pups, human dogs, handlers, trainers, owners, and more. The Northwest Puppy & Handler Contest is geared to identify those who not only want to participate in the puppy community, but also who want to build and expand it through education, interaction, and through building community bonds.

The Northwest Puppy contest is affiliated with the following groups and organizations:

SEA-PAH - www.seapah.com
VAN-PAH - www.vanpah.com
PDX-PAH - www.pdx-pah.com
BOI-PAH – www.boipah.com
Destiny City PAH
CAL-PAH - www.calpah.ca
Edmonton PAH- www.yegpah.com
International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAHW) - www.ipahw.com
International Puppy & Trainer - www.intlpuppytrainer.org