NWPAH 18 - Emcee

Alma Emcee - NWPAH18.jpg

Alma Bitches


Alma's drag journey began with the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence back in 2010 where she began organizing "sing-alongs" to raise much-needed funds for local charities.

After, placing second in the 2015 MrMiss Cobalt Drag Competition, Alma found their was a bigger audience that was ready for her brand of bearded, high energy drag. The rest is "herstory."

Currently, Alma hosts Sanctuary at 1181, The Shequel at XY and Shower Power at The Odyssey; Alma can be seen at countless other events either supporting or performing! Alma has one mission: to slay you and give you life!

NWPAH 18 - Tally Masters

Daddy Rodney.jpeg

Daddy Rodney

Daddy Rodney became actively involved in the puppy community starting in San Francisco in 2008. 

Daddy Rodney is proud to be a founding member of SEA-PAH and VAN-PAH. He is also a full member of SML (Seattle Men in Leather).

Daddy Rodney has travelled around the NW and to St Louis for IPC (both 2014 & 2015) and has had the opportunity to meet pups, Handlers and those interested from all over the US and Canada. 

Daddy Rodney competed in the Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest in August 2014 won the title of Northwest Handler 2015.  During his title year, he and Pup Kona, Northwest Puppy 2015, travelled the Northwest promoting puppy play. Together they created and hosted the first Paw and Pounce Weekend, a regional event held in Seattle, in August 2015. 

Daddy Rodney looks forward to continuing to grow with our thriving puppy community.

Rusty Pup NWPAH Tally Pic.jpg

Rusty Pup

Rusty Pup is a lazy, but well trained Husky and the producer of the Rocky Mountain Puppy and Handler Contest in Salt Lake City, UT and has enjoyed puppy play since 2003. Originally a Washingtonian, Rusty moved to Utah in 2006 (I know, who actually moves TO Utah?) and is an active member of his home community, supporting the Menagerie, Utah TNG, Utah’s Pet Shop and the Rocky Mountain Pet Alliance. 

He is a proud member and Concierge to House Leviathan and loyal trainee of Leftenant Fox. When not gallivanting across the country, Rusty enjoys watching science-fiction or mystery TV shows and movies, or just being a lazy pupper.  

NWPAH 18 - Den Doggo

Biscuit Den Doggo - NWPAH18.jpg

Pup Biscuit

Pup Biscuit is a punny corgi puppy, and is well-known (and well-groaned) for his wealth of dad jokes. The only two things that outweigh his terrible sense of humour are his jar of homemade cookies and his heart of service.

Biscuit is a member of SEA-PAH, where he currently serves in the Outreach and Marketing Kennels; Seattle boys of Leather, as the Social Media Coordinator; and was SEA-PAH’s 2017 Puppy of the Year.

NWPAH 18 - Judge's Pup

Skriff - NWPAH18.jpeg


Skrif is a malamute from Portland, Oregon where they are beta to IPTC International Puppy 2016, Turbo.  As “First Beta™” they have supported Turbo through their title year and kept them as sane as possible. They have been a furry for many years and wandered into puppy play through a Puppy 101 class at a fur con and has jumped in with all four paws.

Skrif likes doom metal, hurling rope toys, PAW Patrol, digital plumbing, and yelling at computers. Despite their busy student life, they love meeting kind new friends and hope to make lasting connections with the wonderful folks of the Pacific Northwest puppy communities.