NWPAH 19 - Emcees


JenuWine Beaute

JenuWine Beauté is a dynamic Portland presence synonymous with: Entertainment, Passion, Community Building, and Positive Light! JenuWine has dedicated 18 years supporting and volunteering with countless nonprofit groups within our communities, and is no stranger to the stage. As an entertainer, JenuWine is in demand from New York City to San Francisco, and from Calgary to Cancun. No matter what the event, cause or venue, one thing remains consistent: legendary entertainment, coupled with a commitment and kindness to helping others. NWPAH is thrilled to have JenuWine’s expert skill as a hostess to entertain and bring wagging tails to our audience. Aroo!



A wild Figaro appeared! This rare doggomon is proud to be collared by Sir Miguel, brother to his packmates, and Dom to his pups/boy. He can be found all over but appears most frequently in his home region of the Pacific Northwest as a President & Founder of VAN-PAH, Co-Producer of Northwest Puppy & Handler, and Co-Founder of Project Touch Base. Special variants of this doggomon that you can collect are International Puppy 2015, Northwest Puppy 2014 and Pantheon of Leather Canadian Award (2015) winner. Scritches and snickerdoodles are super effective against this doggomon and his special attacks are Sing, Bootblack, and Flag Spin. When not in his doggoball he can be found hogging microphones all over and emceeing whenever possible.

NWPAH 19 - Tallies



Nightcat first came to Seattle in 2003, and right away he started to feel like he had found where he belonged. Ever since then he has worked hard to not only make Seattle his home, but also to make it the best home possible for both himself and all of the many communities he is involved in. He’s achieved this by finding the things that he loves and has passion for and jumping in head first. He knows the best way to help communities grow is to get involved and put your heart and energy into them. One group he has poured his heart into is SEA-PAH. He found the Seattle Pups and Handlers just one year after they were created and quickly fell in love with the group. Since then he has served on the board of SEA-PAH for 3 years and has continued to be an active role model for the community. He helped create and organize events like Camp K9 and Unleashed and then helped build them up to the massive events that they are today. Nightcat is also a proud founder of Pride Lives a nonprofit focused on suicide prevention and awareness for the LGBTQ+ community. He believes strongly that if we start talking more and educating each other about suicide we all can have more tools to help each other out during hard times. In addition, Nightcat is also the current Seattle Leather Daddy 2018. With the help and support of his family, his Title Boy Debit, his loving husband Kovu and his adorkable Pup Jarrad. He has been able to help bring new education to the leather community focusing on the history of leather in our own backyard. Nightcat loves leather, kink, and pup play a lot and would like to remind all of you that puppy play is something special that comes from within. Only you can decide what puppy play is and means to you. Shine from the inside out.


Leland Carina

Leland Carina is an artist, writer, activist, and model. She is Ms Oregon State Leather 2018 and co-Editor in Chief of Leatherati.com. She identifies as a Queer, polyamorous, hard femme switch. She’s a girl, Sir, and Daddy all wrapped into one. She is a member of Bad Girls PDX.

Leland came into leather about a decade ago with the help of experienced leatherdykes in San Francisco, California. She is currently writing a memoir that centers on that time.
She was honored to be a Leather Marshal for the 2012 San Francisco Pride Parade. She was also given the honor of being Woman of the Year for both the Bay Area Leather Alliance and Portland’s Rose and Thorn Awards. 

NWPAH 19 - Den Lion

Ryan B.JPG

Ryan Baehr

Ryan Baehr is the president of PDX PAH, a leatherman, and a community handler. He loves spending time educating and taking care of pups, kitties, and pets of all shapes and sizes. The only thing he loves more than the pet play community is his awesome husband Sir Pounder.

NWPAH 19 - Judge's Dog



Rowdy is service dog with the loyalty of a German Shepherd and the grace of a drunken 3 legged Great Dane. Aside from graphic design, and dabbling in the culinary arts, his greatest loves in life are ensuring his Sir Miguel is safe and well taken care of, and providing only the worst of advice to his brothers Twitch, Figaro, and Dane. Favorite kinks include electro, impact play, and drinking whiskey straight from the dog bowl (yes that’s a kink).

NWPAH 19 - Tally Runner


Imposter Kit

Leather boy. Pup. Novice ocelot. Imposter (or is he?!) Kit has been an active member of the Northwest puppy community since going to his first SEA-PAH mosh in July 2016. After that first mosh and Paw and Pounce the next month, he took a running leap in with all four paws head first (or something like that; pups aren't good at metaphors. Shh!). With the friends and family he's made since, he hasn't regretted that decision even once.

Kit can be found happily serving his Sir, harassing his Alpha, and chewing on the best squeakies (as long as they aren't lions; he aggressively maintains the opinion that lions are not for chewing!). Additionally he can occasionally be found behind a computer keeping the books for SEA-PAH as their most recently elected Treasurer.

He loves pets, treats (gummies!), and his little lion buddy Leofric. And in the spare free time that his schedule permits, he likes to play games of all kinds, read fantasy comics & novels, and snuggle with Sir & Alpha. In addition to pup, he claims a place in the leather community and is exploring with help from many friends whether he has a place in the furry community as well.

(Psst! Ask him why he's the Imposter Kit. He thinks the story is amusing.)

NWPAH 19 - ASL Interpreter


Morgan McCallum

Born in the windy foothills of Southern Alberta, but growing up in the verdant Eastern mountains of BC, Morgan has now called Vancouver, BC his home for the past 14 years. After graduating from the Douglas College Program of Sign Language Interpretation in 2015, he has focused his practice on the Queer and Theatre communities. He’s been involved in the local leather scene for the past several years on the periphery, and more recently has been an active supporter and member of VANPAH. Through his involvement with the local kink community he has been able to blend both of his worlds and provide communication access to the deaf and hard of hearing community in order to allow them explore their kinkier, more playful sides in a safe, judgement-free way starting with interpreting at NWPAH 2018 in Vancouver.