Ryan Baehr

Ryan Baehr is the president of PDX PAH, a leatherman, and a community handler. He loves spending time educating and taking care of pups, kitties, and critters no matter how they identify. The only things he loves more than the pet play community is his awesome husband Sir Pounder, his wolf Jarrad, and his leather boy Chris.


As an incorrigible wuzzie, Daddy Mark, held the title of NW Handler 2018. He is a daddy who loves all of the pups and those alike. Currently a groomer of many in the PAH world, Daddy tends to lend his ear and support to those who sit in his chair. 

Daddy Mark moved to the lower mainland for school but grew up farm boy in central BC where he honed his handling skills on a cattle farm. Who knew running cattle would lend itself so well to his fetish! Daddy also learned the importance of working as a team with his family, building homes and metal buildings until heading off to College. Daddy still loves promoting education and supporting new and current pups or handlers as they grow into themselves.

Daddy’s spare time usually includes running along the seawall or sweating it out in the gym. As many in the NW Region know, he can be found in the kitchen cooking a meal to entertain guests at his home in Vancouver.  Daddy Mark loves to travel and share his experiences with others in different countries and here on his home turf.