2019 NWPAH Judges


Skuff Pup

Skuff Pup is Northwest Puppy 2017, 2016 International Puppy of the Year, runner up at the 2017 International Puppy contest, and former President and board member of Seattle Pups and Handlers (SEAPAH). He is an Arkansas native who served honorably for 11 years in the United States Marine Corps. Skuff started his kink journey over 17 years ago where he has been learning, exploring and sharing his adventures and experience ever since. He has called Seattle home since 2009 and has been active within the Puppy and Leather community in the Pacific NorthWest just as long. Besides Puppy, Skuff has many interest including leather, rubber, ab/dl and furry and is always first in line with a hug and a smile!


Pup Dane

Pup Dane is originally from Nova Scotia, but now calls Montreal his home! Dane is a submissive pup (a golden retriever!), with a love for psychological domination, dog training, and pizza + Meryl Streep films.

Pup Dane is one of the co-organizers of WoofMTL, Montreal’s group for human K9s, where he launched and continues to run several monthly events for his local community. He had the honour of holding the titles of Pup Montreal 2016 and IPC International Puppy 2018.

Dane is a hardworking artist and oral historian, dedicating significant time and energy to collecting and sharing the personal stories of queers and kinksters through his company Talking Dog Productions. 

Ps. He wasn’t kidding about the pizza and Meryl Streep films. Please give these things to him and he will love you.

Sir Miguel.jpeg

Sir Miguel Torres

Mr Chicago Leather 2014, born in Caracas, Venezuela,  Miguel has called Chicago home since 2000. He’s on the board of Directors at the Howard Brown Health Center, an organization that provides health services to the LGBTQ community regardless of income. IML contestant handler, Co-producer of Mr Chicago Leather, den daddy for the Mr Chicago and Mr Indiana Leather contests. A pup trainer/handler, he's dedicated to spread puppy love and education throughout the community. Proud Sir to his pups Rowdy, Figaro and Raidho. His favorite kink is electro play and he’s always willing to introduce those that are curious to a safe and fun electro scene.

Havok .jpg

Pup Havok

Pup Havok is a slutty sex positive St. Bernard who calls Cincinatti, Ohio home. This boot licking boofer lives up to his namesake in many different fashions. A proud “queer-as-fuck switch," Havok has made quite a name for himself in the leather and Kink community since joining in 2012. He is a co-founder of Project Touch Base, currently serves as a full member of the Titans of the Midwest and the GDI Outlaws, and is the recipient of the Bear Abbot Community Commitment Award 2018. He can be described as extremely touchy-feely given some his favorite kinks include heavy impact, tactile knife, fisting and of course, puppy play. He also enjoys facing the elements with electro and fire play. He currently holds the the title of TriState Puppy 2017 and is your IPC International Puppy 2019. As a community educator, Kink enthusiast and relationship anarchist, Havok is certainly a good place to start if you're looking to wreak some "havoc" of your own!



Carrying the titles of both Northwest Handler and International Trainer in 2017, Caressa is a multi-faceted Femme, with an affinity for edge play and flirting with the line between too much and not enough. When this dark deviant Mommy isn't kicking her puppy, playing in blood, or paw deep in a hole, you can find her on the executive boards of the Seattle Pups and Handlers and the Seattle girls of Leather, or serving as an Associate Member of Onyx North West. Not only versitile in clubs and organizations, she is also versitile in the dungeon and the bedroom as Princess, hu-cow and lil bun to her Daddy. When not at events you can find this Femme spending time with her family in Seattle and Philadelphia.