2018 NW-PAH Judges

Pounder NWPAH Pic.jpg

Sir Pounder

Sir Pounder is IPTC International Trainer 2016 and former NW Handler 2016. Pounder has been a part of the Kink/BDSM community his entire adult life and identifies as a Dog, who happens to be a Sir, Trainer, and Alpha. He is a Giant Malamute with an affinity forChocolate Chip Cookies but don't let his floofy soft exterior fool you. Pounder's Teal markings highlight his sadistic love for CBT and his ears perk up for the sweet sound of whimpers at the mercy of his paws. He is the Co-Founder of VAC Pack, which exists for the purpose of bridging the gap, removing stigmas, and finding commonality in the Pup, Fur, Kink, and Leather communities through education and leadership. He lives in Portland, Oregon with his husband and Leatherman, Ryan Baehr. 



Turbo is IPTC International Puppy 2016, Northwest Puppy 2016, and IPC International Best in Show 2015.  They identify as a retired racing greyhound who now protects, educates, and encourages the puppy community.  Turbo currently hails from Portland, Oregon and is an academic dog with degrees in history, education, sociology, and is currently working on their PhD in Urban Studies and Planning examining how available urban space influences personal sense of self for people in the human puppy play community.   When not teaching with or about human pups, Turbo enjoys restoring and driving vintage BMWs, riding motorcycles, watching sci-fi, and being a dog with their awesome beta.

Pup Snuggles

Pup Snuggles stepped up as Toronto Puppy 2017 & Fellowship for an extended 16 month tour, ending in November. He has competed for IPC 2017, IPTC 2017 & IPC 2018 with good standing and representing his community very well. While away from the international circuit, Pup Snuggles organizes events or lends out a hand to others to fundraise for SOY(Support Our Youth), Persons With AIDS Toronto, Rainbow Railroad while providing a pup-positive space for pups in Toronto to socialize. His involvement with community has included helping with feeding over 120 of Toronto's vulnerable LGBT2Q+ youths for a sit-down Holiday Dinner, advocating housing assistance, medications, and social services for Pups who are combating depression, anxiety and abuse, through many channels including social media. He is also an Imperial Court pup and holds the title 'His prince, imperial service pup to Emperor 29 Hunter James, Master of Kennels' to acknowledge his support efforts in the The Imperial Court Of Toronto. Pup Snuggles has been featured around the world and in the media from an Art Exhibit in Brooklyn, Huffington Post and most recently did an interview with OutTV on Pup Play, Toronto Puppy Title, Pup Community and his newest venture, Knkster Magazine debuting August 2017.

Pup Gadget

Pup Gadget is an Alpha Dog to his two pups, FizzGig & Farrstrider and is also part of the Noden Pack.  He considers his Dog Breed to be a Doberman Cock Hound.  Pup Gadget is a founder of the SEA-PAH (Seattle Pups and Handlers) Puppy Group, co-founder of NW-PAH (Northwest Puppy & Handler) Contest and is also a member of North Star Kennel Club and Seattle Men in Leather.  Gadget has been in IT for over 10 years and received his name because he always has a Gadget in his Paws.  He enjoys his Puppy Lifestyle as well as educating his pups and others on how fun, hot, empowering, transcendent and freeing Puppy Play can be.  Some of Gadget’s hobbies and interests besides Puppy Play include Traveling, Drone Photography & Videography, working on his Doghouse, playing video games and going to Disney Parks as much as possible!


Drilled under the discipline of former Soviet dog trainers and liberated by the Junkyard Pack, Argus (“Argooski”) is a Dane with an affinity for uniforms, naps, and seizing the means of production. As both a military fetishist and performing artist, he serves as an Alpha in the Junkyard Pack, a family within the roleplay community advocating healthy alternative lifestyles though community outreach, and Dogtator to the United Soviet Socialist Puppies, a duty oriented movement for self-care and activism. As a long serving member of Seattle’s animal roleplay community, Argus is a member of SEA-PAH's Service Kennel and humbled with the honor of Good Puppy 2014. With his family, he hosts All Ears, a reoccurring conversation about animal roleplay and outreach, and Beastly Affair, an annual fundraiser and romping animal dance social for Seattle Area Support Groups. As our animal family grows and diversifies, Argus consistently strives to unite the working animals, kinksters, and people of the world, one wag at a time.